I had tried everything; books, fad diets, exercise. The scales still wouldn’t tip my way. It’s so difficult when you invest action, emotion and persistant thought to body hatred and efforts to change and you see no change. I have so many insecurities. I was called horrible names like chubby bitch,…

Guilty Eating

Why is it that I feel bad after eating
Maybe cause I see myself in the mirror and all I see is this fat person I know it’s wrong to feel like im guilty for something that makes no.sences when my body needs it , basically its something that any normal person wouldn’t stress about.. _______________________________________

Lets talk about it. Q: 1.Do you ever feel this way? 2.How many times do you look in the mirror for the reason above? 3.Do you ever cry when doing so ? 4.Do you do anything that you may regret later ? 5.Do you feel like people around know what you are doing/feeling? 6.Do you have any q’s for me ? •You can message or comment below or what ever way you feel more comforable . BTW: I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad I just want to let you guys know your not alone.


Prayer to say: My God I Pray that these feelings of hated toward my body go away and that I learn that food is not the problem maybe it’s this unhealthy eating that makes me feel bad about my image which I hate right now, I know you love me Please help me . In Jesus name .Amen _______________________________________

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